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Traversing the snow globe

For a project for work, I had to put together a snow globe. I looked into what other people had done in the past for snow globes and I had some issues. I didn’t think they looked quite right for … Continue reading

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Film festival submission..

I submitted our 48 Hour Film Project film that we created in July/August to a film festival a couple of weeks ago. I actually wrote this the day I did it and scheduled WordPress to public it a little later … Continue reading

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Day/Dusk for Night Fun!

Today I was putting together a little motion graphics project for a promotional video at work. I work in corporate video, so extra creative projects don’t come by all the time. When I do get a project I can potentially … Continue reading

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Challenges of Field Production

I work for a marketing/advertising company that focuses on the trucking industry, so I spend a bit of time shooting in the field. Often, shoots are somewhat run-and-gun or impromptu and there isn’t much time to prepare. We shoot at … Continue reading

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You want to see my lil kinetic typography, don’t you?

Admittedly, I am a fairly huge nerd. Nothing to be ashamed about, really. But I am so nerdy that I decided one day to throw together another kinetic typography project. I like kinetic type, though it’s rather over-done nowadays and … Continue reading

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Things I Didn’t Learn in School Pt 2: Why Does My Greenscreen Look Like #&$%??

My attempt at a regular blog series hasn’t doesn’t much for keeping me blogging regularly, has it? I really suck. Admittedly, I started to write about aspect ratio a couple of weeks ago. I felt I had a firm handle … Continue reading

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The Future of Video!

A couple of weeks ago, I was asked to come to IUPUI and be on an alumni panel for a freshmen class in the program I graduated from in 2009. Well, the panel turned into a solitary speaking event, so … Continue reading

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