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The Future as predicted in 1993

Watch this video. A series of commercials by AT&T predicting the technologies we will use in the future. I’m impressed by how correct they were with these. Of course, the way the various products or technologies are used today ended … Continue reading

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Blast from the Past Time

So here’s a fun little blast from the past. I was googling around looking for something and digging through the wayback machine and I came across one of my old websites. It used to contain links to stream all my … Continue reading

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Portfolio – Digital Creations Club PSA

This was another school project, but not for a video class. I took a general multimedia class that did a lot of work in Flash to get a better handle on that, and we had to do a big overall … Continue reading

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Portfolio – Vollrath Speakeasy Tour

This was created for NUVO and I believe it was the last video I did for them. It was a bizarre time. Katie shot it and I attempted to direct the interview, though the subject had a bit of a … Continue reading

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Backlogging some entries…

I decided to do a short blog post about each video in my portfolio. I’ll be linking them to my portfolio site, so after people watch the video, they can click through to read the blog to learn more personal … Continue reading

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