Interview with Paul Del Vecchio

I interviewed Trent and Isabella DP Paul Del Vecchio for Creative COW. We talked about his experience using the Blackmagic Cinema Camera and how the new firmware updates and ProRes debayer helped him achieve the looks he wanted for his indie film.

So go read it.

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The Second Southeast Creative Summit is Coming Soon!

Building on the success of last year’s first-ever Southeast Creative Summit, the video production conference will be returning to Atlanta this November 7-9 with even more workshops and some fresh faces presenting them.

Smoke Artist Brian Mulligan and Kylee at the Creative Ball
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How Kevin Spacey Helped Me Get Started In Editing

Last weekend I was bingeing on House of Cards (as you do) and after one particularly riveting episode where blank and blank blank-out and they all blank (spoilers/adult situations) I finally noticed a familiar logo: Trigger Street Productions, Kevin Spacey’s production company. Not that it’s terribly widely known I guess, but the logo is burned into my brain (a folder within a folder within a folder from years ago, but it was there.)

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Editing SNL and Color Grading Modern Family

I’ve been a busy bee at Creative COW. Go read my interviews with Modern Family colorist Aidan Stanford and Saturday Night Live film unit DP and editor Alex Buono and Adam Epstein. We talk about a lot of stuff.

You’ll learn things, I promise.

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Premiere Pro CC Sequence Won’t Render? Try this.

I don’t USUALLY share hot tips anymore, mostly because I don’t have any new ones, but I had a thing happen that I couldn’t find any documentation on, and I fixed two projects with this so far.

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Beyond the A’s and B’s of NAB

There’s a whole big world out there in post-production-land, and most of it is pretty awesome.

When I headed to the NAB Show last week(ish), part of my (personal) mission was to learn a little more about companies I didn’t know much about. Not just ask someone or read some Wikipedia stuff, but actually get to know what their missions are in post-production right now. I found that if I just went up to an industry peer and asked about Grass Valley, they’d give me a bit of “oh, they’re still around?” I mentioned to someone that I had just been to a Quantel press conference and they quipped something about how the six people that use their stuff will be happy to see the updates.

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Judging the NPPA Best of Photojournalism contest

A couple of weeks ago, I traveled to scenic East Lansing, Michigan to serve as an editing judge for the National Press Photographers Association’s annual Best of Photojournalism contest. The contest honors the best news, photojournalist, and documentary video productions in the country, with separate categories for editing and photography, photography being what I would call videography.


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Coverage at NAB 2014

I was at NAB this year covering the show for Creative COW. You can see my current and upcoming articles on their site.

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Support Women & Minorities in Production and Post at NAB – Expanded Focus Meet-Up

A few weeks ago, Megan McGough (post supervisor for PBS Frontline and all around rad lady) emailed me about the prospect of putting together a meet-up for women at NAB this year. I’d been pondering the idea myself, so we decided to combine forces and see what we could do. Thanks to some assistance by some great people within the NAB Show staff, we’re co-hosting the first meet-up to support the voices of women and minorities in post and production. We’re calling it Expanded Focus — a casual gathering for professionals from all sides of production and post who want to enourage and expand the presence and voices of women and minorities in our industry.

Expanded Focus: Women and Minorities in Production and Post Meet-up @NAB
Register via Eventbrite
Tuesday, April 8th
South Lower Hall Arcade – SL15809
5PM – 6PM
Light refreshments served

Why? Well, here are a couple reasons:

“In 2012, women comprised 18% of all directors, executive producers, producers, writers, cinematographers, and editors working on the top 250 domestic grossing films. This represents an increase of 2 percentage points from 2010 and an increase of 1 percentage point from 1998.”(source:

In 2013 the Directors Guild of America showed that hiring of minority directors stayed virtually stagnant over three years. “The report showed that Caucasian males directed 72% of all episodes; Caucasian females directed 12% of all episodes; minority males directed 14% of all episodes and minority females directed 2% of all episodes.” (source:

I’ve talked about the lack of women on the NAB Show floor, and I’ll be talking about it again this year. But I’d like to help do something about it too. We want to make new connections, share mid-show stories and work to encourage new voices behind the camera and in the edit suite. We especially want to encourage the next generation of diverse filmmakers and production talent.

(Registration via Eventbrite isn’t required, but it’ll help us plan on said refreshments.)

Join Megan and me in the south lower hall arcade and show your support for a more diverse and exciting production industry!

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Play Cards Against Humanity with me at NAB 2014

Last year, we had a sort of informal Cards Against Humanity event. It ended up being so much fun, I started getting requests for another as early as December. So here it is in writing.

Monday, April 7th — 9PM til whenever — LVH Spacequest Bar

If you’re attending another event, come late, whenever. Leave whenever. This isn’t an official event, it’s just a designated meeting spot where there will be cards with very dirty words and a relatively quiet area to speak to each other. The Spacequest Bar (which has couches and coffee tables) always seems to be completely abandoned on weeknights, so we’re counting on it again. It’s steps away from a bar and a couple more steps away from the monorail entrance, so it’s super convenient. Feel free to come by even if you don’t know anyone. This is an excellent place to make a friend, unless you’re easily offended I suppose.

If you don’t feel like playing, come by and talk. If you don’t feel like talking, come by and play. No need to RSVP, though I’d love to know if it makes your schedule.

See you there!

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