A Year in Pictures – 2015

It was quite a year for me, so I thought it would best be represented in a few pictures. To recap:

I began work for Bling Digital in Atlanta as a technician on The Originals in January

In February, I curled for the first time.

In April, I was a part of an NAB panel on the gender gap in post and covered the con for Creative COW.

Then I moved to Los Angeles, driving across the country.

I freelanced a little in LA before I started work with Bling Digital LA supervising Scorpion and Jane the Virgin.

I attended Cinegear and Editfest.

I represented Adobe at Vidcon in Anaheim.

My BFF editor Katie visited me for Halloween.

I saw Lana Del Rey and Underworld at the Hollywood Bowl.

I edited a pilot on the side.

I reconnected with old friends in Portland.

I got to know LA’s neighborhoods and went to parties in Hollywood, Marina Del Rey and the Hills.

I learned a lot about my industry and about myself.

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10 Questions for Kylee Wall about Gender Issues in the Post Industry

I answered some questions about gender equality in post at Art of the Guillotine. Go check it out.

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Closing the Gender Gap in Post and other NAB Coverage

I’m going to vainly accumulate all the coverage that I was involved with at NAB 2015.

Indiewire: Tips on Tackling the Post-Production Gender Gap
#WallyCam #NABShow 2015 | Talking Gender Gap with Kylee Wall
All Things Adobe at NAB 2015
Kylee Wall talks about Adobe CSnext on Creative Cow

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Advantageous: Jennifer Phang on Making Way to Sundance

I interviewed writer/director Jennifer Phang about her Sundance award-winning feature Advantageous.

An all-around filmmaker who deeply loves the filmmaking process, Phang majored in media in college and became an assistant editor early in her career. Eventually she was invited to the Directing program at AFI, moving on to directing her first feature (Half-Life) that debuted at Sundance in 2008. Her films have screened at SXSW and Tribeca Film Festival among others, and she’s been invited to develop projects at the Sundance Screenwriting Labs. A passionate filmmaker who is no stranger to being heavily involved with every stage of the filmmaking process, she directed and co-wrote Advantageous, and shares an editing credit for cutting the film alongside Sean Gillane in Adobe Premiere Pro CC. The ease of sharing media across the country and creating visual effects during the edit was essential to the post-production process Phang and Gillane intimately shared.

Read the rest at Creative COW >>

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And then I moved to Los Angeles…

So, uh, I moved to LA, you guys.

Let’s back up a couple decades.

Continue reading

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My NAB 2015 Coverage

So NAB happened, and I have a LOT of coverage at CreativeCOW.net.

Recap and Insight: NAB 2015: Working Together on Collaborative Competition

Panasonic Makes 4K Handheld with AG-DVX200 Camcorder

NVIDIA Introduces Updated Iray Renderer and Quadro GPUs

ARRI Puts ALEXA in a Mini Package

AJA Focuses on 4K and Lets you #TryCION

Signiant Takes ‘Flight’ with New Enterprise Additions

Blackmagic Unveils Tiny Cameras and Big Sensor Upgrades

HP: New Mobile Workstation, 4K Dreamcolor, Faster ZTurbo

Quantel + Snell: New Workflows and Expanded Customer Base

Avid: Third Party Integration and Collaboration

Adobe Creative Cloud 2015 Updates: Collaboration & Workflow

Canon Brings 4K: C300 Mark II & Compact Digital Camcorder




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Positivity: Editor Jesse Averna on Evolving Your Career

Editor Jesse Averna is the quintessential lifelong film lover, starting in eighth grade when he got his hands on a camcorder. After spending high school working late into the night on video projects (VHS to VHS of course) and talking teachers into accepting videos instead of papers, he began to work toward a career in post production. His path eventually led him to New York where he is currently starting his sixth season as an editor on Sesame Street, work that has earned him four Emmys plus a recent nomination for a fifth. Influenced by science fiction and fantasy stories like Star Wars and The Never Ending Story, Jesse’s goals always included some time spent being a director — a goal that he’s been able to fulfill with his recent directorial experience on the web series Monica’s Mixing Bowl, as well as a personal project he’s had in development for over five years.

A recent inductee into ACE as an affiliate member, Jesse is also an instructor at his alma mater School of Visual Arts, a leader in the post production community, and a believer in community and open sharing in post production. Through hard work, networking and a positive attitude toward filmmaking, he’s been able to take hold of his path and direct it toward his own interests — which include making media that pays homage to the films that originally inspired him.

Read More at CreativeCOW.net >>

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The Introvert’s Guide to NAB

This year will be my 4th time attending the NAB Show in Vegas. Every time (after the first year), I’ve figured I had read and documented everything anyone would ever need to know to get the most out of the trip. And then every time it’s over and I think about it, I realize I was wrong. When it comes to human interaction in one of the weirdest places on earth, there’s always room for improvement.

If last year’s “prepare yourself for NAB” article (“NAB Show Guide to Thriving, Instead of Just Surviving”) was a 200 level class, consider this the last course you need to graduate. Until I rewrite the curriculum, anyway. Going from talking physical preparedness and emotional wellness in years past, this guide dives a little deeper into balancing what seems to be a hot label to give yourself these days: being an introvert.

Read more at CreativeCOW.net >>

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Cutting Grand Budapest Hotel:Oscar-Nom Editor Barney Pilling

I talked to editor Barney Pilling about his Oscar nominated work on Grand Budapest Hotel and working with Wes Anderson.

Wes Anderson’s Oscar-winning film The Grand Budapest Hotel is an adventure that crosses multiple time periods (depicted by aspect ratio) while maintaining the director’s trademark visual style — a combination of challenges for the very best of editors. When Anderson’s recent frequent editor Andrew Weisblum became tied up with another film, editor Barney Pilling (Never Let Me GoAn EducationLife on Mars) was recommended to cut Grand Budapest, and things moved quickly from there.

Read more at CreativeCOW.net >>

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Fitness in Post: Using Community to Make Post Healthy

I interviewed editor Zack Arnold (Empire, Burn Notice) about his Fitness in Post initiative to make post production pros happier and healthier.

“Fitness in post”: it sounds like an oxymoron at first. Spending twelve hours a day hunched over a desk in a dark room, the only “fitness” some of us get is the long trek to the coffee machine. Actually, Fitness in Post is a movement to help people in post-production get healthier and happier by offering guidance tailored specifically for the challenges faced within our industry — a movement that has already changed the lives of editors, producers and visual effects artists who have taken part.

Read more at CreativeCOW.net >>

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