Top Secret Post Production Career Tip: Follow Up!

Here’s a hot tip I’ve been chewing on for a while, especially for younger editors:

If someone offers to speak with you about your career — a coffee meeting, an email, an informational interview, anything — follow up with them. If someone hands you their business card and says “stay in touch”, do it.

Because you know what? In my experience, almost nobody does it.

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Sexism in Post: Sometimes It’s What You Think, Sometimes It’s Not

Sometimes sexism is exactly what you think it is.

So picture this: last day of NAB 2014. I’m wandering around killing time before I needed to head to the airport. I have a horrible cold. I am over it. I sit down at Quantel’s booth (on squishy red squares) where a sharply dressed woman who was probably around my age (maybe, I’m bad at age guessing) was giving a very extensive demonstration of Pablo Rio, a highly specialized tool. I mean, there aren’t even that many female editors in the world. Female Pablo demo artists? She MAY be the only one.

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My Recent Work in Atlanta

If you were at TEDxPeachtree at the Buckhead Theater last week, you saw some video work I did. The one minute video vignettes set the mood for each series of speakers.


The videos were mostly editorial exercises, mixing some key stock footage with scenes I shot. The opening and closing bumpers were created with 4K lightbulb assets some kind dude uploaded to Thanks dude.

Screen shot 2014-10-17 at 11.17.45 AM

The vignettes were created in partnership with Creative Flame Media, so that’s how I was billed in the program.

Picture 11

It was a fun project, and the TED event was sold out and wildly successful.

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The Millennial Video Producer: 6 Things To Know About My Generation

This week, I’ve seen maybe a dozen articles about “Millennials”. What do they want? Why aren’t they buying houses? What brands do they like? Why don’t they vote? What’s their favorite color? They’re mostly all written by people from the Baby Boomer generation, and they’re mostly filled with generalizations and assumptions like “all Millennials care about is texting each other.” Seriously, that was a comment. Not even a clever burn. Like offensively non-clever.

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My interview with Brain Farm Cinema

I interviewed Danny Holland and Chad Jackson of Brain Farm Cinema about what it’s like to shoot 6K and finish in 4K. They have lots of challenges, from media management to bottlenecks, and the added hurdle of doing a lot of shooting in the deep wilderness.

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My Adobe MAX Coverage

I wrote about Adobe’s recent updates at Creative COW. Read it there.

The integration of a new family of mobile apps and new Creative Profile were among Adobe’s Creative Cloud updates at the Adobe MAX conference today. The new connections between 13 CC desktop applications and mobile devices will allow users to build, share, and bring assets on the go. Desktop tool updates including enhancements in touch support for Windows 8 and Microsoft Surface tablets were also part of Adobe’s latest Creative Cloud release that is expected to be available by the end of the day.

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Support for a Critically Injured VFX Artist

A break from regularly scheduled blogging and writing to bring attention to a fundraising campaign for a critically injured Los Angeles-based VFX artist, Michael Scott. According to the page, he was hit by a car that jumped the curb a couple nights ago and pinned to a column, which is horrifying. The last update I saw said he was stable but still critical after emergency surgery and a medically induced coma. I’m sure other updates will be posted to the campaign page.

While Michael and I have never met, we’ve occasionally interacted on Twitter and I periodically listen to a podcast he regularly contributes to — and it’s clear that he’s a great person who works to put positive things into the world about filmmaking, visual effects, and social justice. This fundraising campaign will undoubtedly be a huge help in getting him back to business as usual.

If nothing else, I’m sure his friends (many of which are also great Twitter users and podcast contributors) would appreciate words of support while they stand by for updates and likely help Michael’s family during this difficult time.

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Remixing Cinema with Soderbergh, Spielberg, and Me

Today, one of my favorite directors, Steven Soderbergh, posted a really great blog about “staging” in film, which is meant to mean how all the elements of a scene work together to tell a visual story. To illustrate his point, he took ‘Raiders of the Lost Ark’ and remixed it a little: converted to black and white, all music, sound and dialogue removed with a different soundtrack alongside it to help you focus on the staging — the direction, the length of each shot, how the cuts work. It’s pretty much as awesome as you might think, so you should definitely go watch all hour and fifty-five minutes of it. I’ll wait.

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IBC Articles From Me

I wrote two articles about IBC-related releases — Adobe’s new video app updates and HP’s new Z series workstations. You can read them both at Creative COW.

I went to HP’s Ft. Collin’s location last week for a press event where these workstations were unveiled and it was lots of nerdtastic fun. I’d never been outside the Denver airport. It was nice to see what it looked like on the outside.

HP also took us to the Children’s Discovery Center at Ft. Collins to demonstrate their Z820 workstations (five of them) being used to power the 4Kx4K video dome where we flew through space and time.

Also, my hotel was cannabis free.


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William Boodell: Surviving a Sharknado

I interviewed editor William Boodell about his path into the industry and story so far, of which a highlight has been editing the unexpected pop culture Sharknado. We actually met at a bar during AOTG’s Editfest Pub night a couple weeks ago and I asked to continue the conversation via Skype. Read the result on Creative COW.

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